The Bolton Splash programme runs during term time only, with over 600 swimmers currently participating in a range of water based activities. Children can join our programme from the age of 3 years, starting as Little Splashers and then progressing through the following platforms;

During week 8 of each term, you will be advised by your instructor, whether or not your child has achieved the ASA criteria required to progress onto the next swim stage.

If it is recommended that your child should remain in the same stage for the following term, you should contact us during week 8 in order to arrange payment and confirm your child’s place in their existing class. A space will be guaranteed for you until the end of week 8. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you do not wish to continue.

If your child is ready to move up a stage, or you are looking at making a change to your child’s swim class for personal reasons, be sure to get in touch with us during week 9. We will run through available options and aim to secure your child a space for the following term. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis for any ‘movers’ so the sooner you are able to contact us the better, to avoid any disappointment.

Upcoming Term
Our next course starts the week commencing 14th May 2018. Please see the class schedule below for specific days, times and stages. We are currently taking bookings so please do not hesitate to get in touch and secure a space. If you miss the opportunity to join this term, you are welcome to join our waiting list and we will contact you when we are next taking bookings for the term starting the week commencing 16th July 2018.

Class Schedule
Please see the class schedule below for specific days, times and stages.

Tuesday’s Timetable

Class: Time: Instructor:
Stage 3 18:15 Annette
Stage 4 18:15 Tom
Stage 5 18:15 Nathan
Stage 8 – 10 18:45 Tom
Stage 5 18:45 Nathan
Rookie 18:45 – 19:30 Annette
Stage 6 19:15 Tom
1:1 19:15 – 19:45 Nathan
1:1 19:45 – 20:15 Nathan
Stage 7 19:30 Annette

Wednesday’s Timetable

Class: Time: Instructor:
Stage 3 18:00 Nathan
Stage 8 – 10 18:00 Annette
Stage 2 18:00 Tom
Stage 4 18:30 Nathan
Stage 4 18:30 Annette
Stage 2 18:30 Tom
Stage 6 19:00 Annette
Stage 5 19:00 Nathan
Stage 7 19:00 Tom
Link Group 19:45 – 20:45 Annette & Nathan

Thursday’s Timetable

Class: Time: Instructor:
Stage 2 18:00 Tom
Stage 4 18:00 Annette
Stage 6 18:00 Mark
Stage 4 18:30 Tom
Stage 3 18:30 Mark
Stage 3 18:30 Fern
Stage 5 18:30 Annette
Stage 8 & 9 19:00 Annette
Stage 7 19:00 Tom
Stage 5 19:00 Fern
1:1 19:00 – 19:30 Mark
Stage 6 19:30 – 20:00 Danielle
Stage 5 19:30 – 20:00 Fern
Adult Ladies 20:00 – 20:45 Fern & Danielle

Saturday’s AM Timetable

Class: Time: Instructor:
Little Splashers 08:30 Tom
Stage 3 08:30 Alex P
Stage 8 – 10 09:00 Annette
Stage 2 09:00 Alex P
Stage 4 09:00 Tom
Stage 1 09:30 Alex P
Stage 5 09:30 Annette
Stage 6 09:30 Tom
Stage 2 10:00 Tom
Stage 3 10:00 Alex P
Stage 3 10:00 Annette
1:1 10:00 Danielle
Stage 2 10:30 Alex P
Stage 4 10:30 Annette
Stage 4 10:30 Tom
1:1 10:30  Danielle
Stage 4 11:00 Alex P
Little Splashers 11:00 Tom
Stage 7 11:00 Annette
1:1 11:00 Danielle
Stage 3 11:30 Alex P
Stage 2 11:30 Annette
1:1 11:30 Danielle
Stage 5 11:30 Tom

Saturday’s PM Timetable

Class: Time: Instructor:
Stage 1 12:30 Alex P
Stage 4 12:30 Annette
Stage 3 12:30 Fern
1:1 13:00 Alex P
Stage 2 13:00 Fern
Stage 6 13:00 Annette
Stage 5 13:30 Annette
Stage 5 13:30 Fern
Stage 7 13:30 Alex P
Stage 2 14:00 Fern
Stage 4 14:00 Annette
Stage 1 14:00 Alex P
Stage 5 14:30 Fern
Stage 6 14:30 Annette
Stage 2 14:30 Alex P
Little Splashers 15:00 Alex P
Stage 5 15:00 Annette
Stage 1 15:00  Fern
1:1 15:30 Annette
1:1 15:30 Alex P
1:1 15:30  Fern

Sunday’s Timetable

Class: Time: Instructor:
Little Splashers 08:30 Nathan
Stage 1 08:30 Brad
Stage 2 08:30 Danielle
Stage 4 09:00 Brad
Stage 6 09:00 Danielle
Little Splashers 09:00 Nathan
Stage 1 09:30 Brad
Stage 5 09:30 Danielle
Stage 2 09:30 Nathan
Stage 2 10:00 Brad
Stage 1 10:00 Danielle
Stage 3 10:00 Nathan
Stage 7 10:30 Brad
Stage 4 10:30 Danielle
Stage 2 10:30 Nathan


Class: Time: Instructor:
Stage 3 11:00 Brad
Stage 8 – 10 11:00 Danielle
Rookie 11:00 – 11:45  Nathan
Stage 1 11:30 Brad
Stage 2 11:30 Danielle
Mini Polo 11:45 – 12:30 Nathan
Stage 5 12:00 Brad
Stage 4 12:00 Danielle
Stage 1 12:30 Brad
Stage 3 12:30 Danielle
Little Splashers 12:30 Nathan
1:1 13:00 Nathan
1:1 13:00 Brad
1:1 13:00 Danielle

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    I will definitely be using their services again!


    "A huge thank you to Charlene for all her help and advice and for making the District Beaver party such a success. I will definitely be using their services again and would recommend them to others."

  • Gina Mary

    The swimming team is excellent and very helpful!


    "The swimming team is excellent and very helpful, always trying their best to rectify any problems with the children's technique or development, working with the parents to offer the best programme for the Bolton community! Easily 5*"

  • Leigh Cutter

    Since joining Bolton Splash Scheme she's almost unrecognisable!


    "Our eldest daughter had a massive knock in her confidence at another pool to the point that she wouldn't get in the water, since joining Bolton Splash Scheme she's almost unrecognisable, she has come on in leaps and bounds, to the point where it's all she wants to do. Our 3yr old is also swimming and has so much love and trust for her teacher she is fearless in the water, couldn’t be prouder. Thank you, Leigh and Lee Cutter xxx."

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    Fantastic football party organised and run by BSS Children's Activity Supervisor!


    "Fantastic football party organised and run by BSS Children's Activity!
    Supervisor, Peter Lambert. Thanks for a fun-filled, action-packed party Peter! Luca and his friends had an amazing afternoon with you! Football games, mini match and penalty shootout followed by great individual food boxes, jelly and juice, plus party games and ready made party bags. Great value for money and stress free! Massive thanks!"

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    My 5 year old daughter, Isla had her party today at Bolton School......all the children (and adults!!) had an amazing time!


    "My 5 year old daughter, Isla had her party today at Bolton School......all the children (and adults!!) had an amazing time!
    Treasure hunt, dodge ball (adults v children), party food and party games.....perfect and so much fun! A special mention to Pete.....thank you so much!"

  • Stacey Pos Pos

    Thanks BSS Leisure Services

    "My 7 year old son Max absolutely loved his football party led by Peter Lambert. It was well organised, max was involved with the planning right the way through and had the best birthday. I wholly recommend this party package for other children who love football. Thanks BSS Leisure Services."

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    The facilities were super. The smiles were plentiful

    "Yesterday my six year old daughter and her 25 friedns had a great birthday party. In my view, in the main this was due to the fantastic organisation and running of the party by Peter and assistant Abi. On the run up to the party he always made himself available to discuss plans and on the day ensured the smooth running from greeting parents and entertaining children with many games. The facilities were super. All in all I would say smiles were plentiful and the party was a hit and if you're thinking of a party yourselves for young children you could do no better than getting in touch with Peter."